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Jewellery, Diamonds, Repairs, Adjustments

David Martin has been carrying out repairs now for over twenty years, and in that time has worked on every type of repair. Every week David is asked to take care of ring sizings, rhodium plating and general repairs. We pride ourselves on our quick turnover (same day service) and now, keeping up with the latest technology, we have purchased a PUK 3 welding device that can perform the finest welds under a microscope with minimum heat, making close welding next to stones a simple and problem-free procedure.

One of the first things David was ever trained to do as a Silversmith was how to restore antique silver and gold. His apprenticeship to Brian Fuller taught him all the skills and problems that might occur when restoring the finest of antiques. Today David has a large client base of antique dealers who come to him for restoration of antiques before re-sale. David has restored many large centre pieces for the Military and for private clients; no job too small or too big for our workshop.